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Questions to Ask a Pool Builder Before You Dive In

Browse our FAQs for fast answers when you’re considering a new or upgraded pool, outdoor kitchen, putting green or other special feature. These are the common questions to ask a pool builder before you get started.

  • Updating your pool to current safety standards and building codes can add on average additional costs of $7,000 to $10,000.00. This cost would be over and above the cost of the actual renovations.

    Our goal for every project is to keep your family safe. That’s why we require every pool remodel and renovation project to be brought up to current safety standards and building codes.

    Depending on the type of pool remodel you need, there are different scopes of work to bring a pool up to current safety standards and codes as outlined below:

    1. Hydraulics— Current code requires new pumps via a total pool re-plumb with dual main drains (or channel drain) and skimmer replacement LINE BACK TO equipment if single main drain system is existing.
    2. Electrical— Current code requires bonding on pools and 12-volt lights with transformer.
    3. Child Safety— Current code requires pool area entrances have a door/window alarm or child safety fencing.
    4. Yard Fence / Screen Enclosure— Current code requires screen doors opening in correct direction and latches at proper height. Yard fencing and gates must be able to pass current building code.

    Please note that additional items may be required depending on your county/municipality.

  • There are many factors that go into how much a pool costs. The price can vary depending on the type of material used for things such as tile and decking. Other features that are popular on our projects that factor into pricing can include whether or not automation is included or if the pool will be screened, just to name a few.

    Get an accurate pool and spa price for your unique needs by contacting our experts here in Orlando today.

  • Yes, in most cases a spa and/or a sun shelf can be added to an existing pool, but it may require interior and retiling of your pool at the very least. There are a variety of pool add-ons and sun shelf options ranging from a short bench to a chaise lounge, but these require total remodels. Your pool sun shelf can even span across the entire length of one side of your pool. We install sun shelves at depths as little as five inches to as deep as two feet.

    Usually, sun shelves are placed in the shallow end of your pool and downward slope toward the deep end. However, the ideal placement for a sun shelf in your pool depends on your preferences. We recommend it faces the highlights of your pool area such as the diving board, special landscape, or your waterfall or fountain.

    Just imagine sunbathing in your sun shelf pool and taking in the beauty in front of you. To determine the best placement for your sun shelf, try tracking the sun’s rotation on your pool deck for a few days. Then determine the best potential spot for your sun shelf based on whether you want the most sunlight time possible or if you prefer a spot that’s more often in the shade.

  • The average starting price for a basic pool is about $62,000, but there are many factors that go into how much a basic concrete pool costs. Find out how much you can save and get an accurate basic pool price for your unique needs by contacting our experts here in Orlando today.

  • Yes, you can still have a pool even if you have a small backyard! While having a small backyard can present challenges in designing and constructing a pool, it is more often than not possible to build a small pool here in Orlando.

    Small pools and spas, or spools, have become increasingly popular for those homeowners with small backyards. These small pools measure at approximately 10 to 16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide.

    It is much smaller than a basic in-ground swimming pool, but it’s also at least twice the length of the average spa. Consider this type of small pool a hybrid of the best of both worlds.

    We have many great “spools” in our photo gallery to inspire you. Get a quote for your small pool needs by giving us a call today.

  • The pool permit process normally takes between 3 weeks to a month depending on your specific county in Central Florida. The pool permit process usually begins once the final contract is signed.

    Afterwards, your pool permit paperwork is processed in the office for approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Once it is sent to your county/municipality, it may take anywhere from 1 week up to a month, depending on the county’s/municipality’s pool permit processing efficiency.

  • It normally takes 8-10 weeks to build a pool, on average, starting at the initial dig until your pool is filled with water.

    While the pool build process is dependent on your unique needs, the construction process can be broken down into 4 general steps after about 2-8 weeks of design and permitting is complete:

    1. Excavation — 1 Week
    2. Installation of Steel, Plumbing, & Electrical— 3 Weeks
    3. Deck Placement & Custom Features— 2-3 Weeks
    4. Plastering — 2-3 Weeks

    Keep in mind, however, not every pool build process is the same. If your pool includes additional features such as those below, additional time will need to be added to the average 8-10-week time frame for each phase added to your pool build project.

    • Glass Tile— approximately 2-3 additional weeks
    • Paver decks— approximately 4 additional weeks
    • Rock features— approximately 4 additional weeks
    • Retention walls— approximately 4 additional weeks
    • Screen Enclosure— approximately 3-4 additional weeks
    • Premier Pools believes in Hayward Pool Products for many reasons. Here are just a few:
    • Hayward has been producing quality products for over 80 years.
    • Hayward is the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world.
    • Hayward is committed to being environmentally responsible.
    • Hayward products are known for being user friendly.
  • The time frame for a swimming pool remodel here in Orlando is 8-10 weeks on average. This time frame, however, depends on the scope of work you need done and the time of year you get it done. Weather is a factor, and significant rain and thunderstorms can delay the process.

    Similar to the time frame for new pool construction projects, the pool remodel process is dependent on your unique needs, but it can be broken down into 4 general steps after about 2-8 weeks of design and permitting is complete:

    1. Excavation — 1 Week
    2. Installation of Steel, Plumbing, & Electrical— 3 Weeks
    3. Deck Placement & Custom Features— 2-3 Weeks
    4. Plastering — 2-3 Weeks

    Also, if the scope of work includes elaborate details such as adding a sun shelf, a rock water feature, or a new deck, tile, or interior finish, expect your swimming pool remodel to take longer. Plan on adding approximately 1 week to the original 8-to-10-week time frame for each additional feature added.

  • Here in Orlando, salt chlorination is a good thing because a salt chlorinator system improves the quality of your water. With salt chlorination, the water is soft and silky to the touch. Infamous “red eyes” are no longer an issue with saltwater pools since bleach, which is found in traditional factory-produced chlorine pools, is no longer a factor.

    Salt chlorination is also beneficial because it saves you 50% or more on the cost of chlorine. Imagine not having to buy and transport those heavy buckets of chlorine and chemicals to maintain your pool sanitation anymore? In saltwater pools, the salt chlorinator system regulates the amount of chlorine in your pool, allowing the pool to automatically maintain a balanced state.

  • To ensure your pool builder is reputable, you need to ask as many questions about their business as possible. Find out if they are a member of the BBB, if they have references and what suppliers they’ve worked with for at least 2 years or more. Ask to see their portfolio of projects and make sure they have insurance.

  • Make sure they don’t require more than 10-20% down payment for your pool build project, have excellent references, are easy to work with and don’t have any unresolved complaints.

  • We’ll help you determine the right pool to fit your yard, budget, and style preferences, walking you through design options, and the construction timeframe and process.

  • That all depends on the size of the pool, features you include, pool material and how much work is needed to prepare your yard for a pool. Contact us for a free estimate.

  • We will fill you in on all of your pool construction details such as zoning laws, the approximate timeframe and what water feature options are available to you.

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